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Meet Dr. Ed Lawson

I grew up here in Middle Tennessee in Tullahoma and graduated from Tullahoma High School in 1983. After four years in the Marine Corps as an avionics technician I worked for three years as a teacher/counselor in a wilderness setting with juvenile delinquents and trained staff in crisis intervention techniques. As part of my training, I studied Reality Therapy and later had the opportunity to study with its creator, psychiatrist William Glasser, M.D. and I became certified in Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy. I then went on to the University of Memphis and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

I realized while working at Le Bonheur Children's hospital as a Milieu Therapist in the children’s psych unit in Memphis that I wanted to be able to help people quickly, efficiently and without drugs. I knew intuitively that if I could help patients discover and clear the underlying cause of their dis-ease drugs would become less necessary or even not needed at all. This understanding launched me on a path to discover treatment methods which would aid me in this approach.

I attended the Center for Self Healing in San Francisco and also learned Holographic Repatterning and Reiki during my under-graduate studies at the University of Memphis. During my coursework in chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City from 1998 - 2001, I took lengthy outside studies in Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology in addition to upper cervical specific adjusting and nutrition, the Brimhall Technique, Chiropractic Neurology and extremity adjusting. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2001.

I then worked for one year with a chiropractor in Kentucky and worked with the Amish community there applying his unique method of nutritional healing. There I confirmed that the body wants to heal and be healthy - if this is not occurring something is blocking or interfering with this process. My job became discovering the patient's unique roadblock to health and balance and helping to remove those blocks. After that occurs, I learned, healing becomes inevitable. These interferences can come from stress, negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, spinal misalignments, infective organisms, scar tissue, electromagnetic fields, and food sensitivities/allergies.

When I opened my own practice in Tullahoma I began to blend standard chiropractic treatments with a variety of enhanced techniques including: Applied Kinesiology, Diversified, electrical stimulation, Thompson, S.O.T.(Sacro-Occipital Technique), Activator, Toggle Recoil, nutrition and E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique). I have recently added low level laser therapy, bio-energetic reflex testing, ionic detoxifying foot baths, BRT (Body Restoration Technique), Psych-K (Psychology plus Kinesiology) and, lately, Matrix Energetics and hypnotherapy. With my education and experience in the field psychology and various alternative therapies, I have become adept at aiding patients in identifying and relieving interference from the emotional component of the dis-ease triangle.

I continue to study in order to create an atmosphere of Total Health for my patients. I believe that the only way to help patients is to find the cause of their problem. Anything else is a waste of time. I take time to listen to patients and may spend many weekends and evenings researching a patient’s problem. My main concern is quality, effective care for my patients.

After going on the 2013 “Because We Can” Bon Jovi tour as one of the tour chiropractors, I returned home in 2014 to rejoin my old practice now run by Dave Heinrich, DC and to join the Belle Meade Chiropractic Center in Nashville, TN.

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James Edward Lawson, D.C.


03/14 Certified Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist - Hypnosis Motivation Institute
03/14 Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Motivation Institute
01/13 Certified Brimhall Wellness
09/12 Foundations in Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Motivation Institute
05/01 Doctor of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic College – Kansas City, Missouri
02/97 Reality Therapy Certified, Institute for Choice Theory, Reality Therapy & Quality Mgmt.
- William Glasser Institute, Los Angeles, CA
12/96 B.A. Degree, Psychology, University of Memphis - Memphis Tennessee
01/94 Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer (through) Cornell University
11/90 Certified Massage Practitioner, School for Self-Healing, San Francisco, CA


2014 Belle Meade Chiropractic Center, Nashville TN
2014 Heinrich Chiropractic, Tullahoma TN
2013 “Because We Can” Bon Jovi Tour Chiropractor
05/02 Lawson Holistic Chiropractic, Tullahoma TN – Doctor
Moved solo practice to Tullahoma. Started practice from ground up.
Voted “Tullahoma’s Best Chiropractor, 2005”after three years of practice.
05/01 Lawson Chiropractic, Park City, KY – Doctor
Began chiropractic practice immediately after completing school in Park City, KY.
02/97 Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center, Memphis, TN – Milieu Therapist,
Behavioral Health Unit. Served as member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team. Participated in the Master Treatment Planning Process on a weekly basis. Personally developed policies and procedures for the unit.
Completed Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – University of Memphis
DeDe Wallace Wilderness Program – Shelbyville, TN
Senior Teacher/Counselor, Counselor Coordinator, Trainer
Supervised, taught and counseled emotionally disturbed juveniles while living with them in a wilderness setting. Trained and supervised field staff and provided guidance in crisis situations. Responsible for daily operations of the program. Supervised and coordinated training for all field personnel. Promoted to management after one year
United States Marine Corps, Avionics Technician
Troubleshooter to the component level of TACAN, IFF, AM/FM transceivers and defensive electronic counter measures systems. Attained rank of Corporal (E-4)


2008 Attained 3rd degree Black Belt, Sandan, Shobayashi Shorinryu Karate-Do - Okinawa, Japan
2005 Voted “Best Chiropractor” Tullahoma, TN
2004 Tullahoma High School, Vocational Education Advisory Appreciation Award
2001 Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic Award
Who’s Who of Colleges and Universities
Graduated Magna cum Laude, Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City


Tennessee Chiropractic Association
Marine Corps League
Cleveland Chiropractic Alumnae Association
Tullahoma Lion’s Club
Highland Rim Scottish Society
Coffee County Humane Society

J. Edward Lawson, D.C.